5 Hidden Places That Collect Dust

By April 1, 2019Cleaning Tips

If you have ever lived with a clean freak, you know that once they get started cleaning they never stop.  Every trace of dust and stains must be removed before they sleep, and I’ve been kept up pretty late cleaning some random corner of the house before they were satisfied.  These are some spots that only a few people would think to look for dust, but ones that everyone should be aware of.


1. Ceiling Fans

Nothing is worse than laying down in bed, looking up, and seeing millions of particles piling up on the fan above your head. Not only that but when ceiling fans turn on they distribute that dust all over the room and into the air you breathe.  One of the biggest reason why ceiling fans don’t get cleaned is that the only time you notice them is when you are drifting off to sleep, and very few of us would get up and clean the fan that late at night.  Nonetheless, they are essentially dust blowers inside your house and are easier to clean the more often they are cleaned.

2. Tops of Bookcases

This is the spot almost no one sees or cleans, and for good reason.  Tops of bookcases or large pieces of furniture are never seen, and will inevitably be the worst spots for dust.  These places are harder to remember, simply because they are so hard to reach but can accumulate large amounts of dust.

3. Bedding

Even though you may not realize it, the bed collects a large number of dust particles.  It sits all day gathering dust, and all night gathering dead skins particles. It sheds its own fibers and distributes dust every time you roll over.  This part of your room may be one of the main contributors to your indoor air quality and should be cleaned about once a week.

4. Carpet

This dust collector is hidden in plain sight but is one of the worst spots for dust to collect.  There are several reasons why they’re one of the worst culprits for dust collection. First off, carpet covers every inch of where dust falls which makes it prime real estate.  Every particle of dust that doesn’t rest on top of bookshelves or other pieces of furniture will end up on the carpet, and it just sucks it up. The second reason why carpet is one of the worsts spots is because there will always be dust deep down even if you vacuum every day.  The vacuum can only pick up so much, and the rest just stays in the carpet waiting to be disturbed back into the air.

5. Closets

This may be the place that gets overlooked the most because most people don’t go digging around the depths of their closet very often, and for good reason- the back of your closet is musty.  Most closets tend to hold a variety of odds and ends, which only gives dust more places to call home. The more nooks and crannies in a closet, the more dust will be in there. Fabrics hold much more dust than hard surfaces, which means that unused clothes folded or hanging up will gather and retain huge amounts of dust.  Closets are rarely cleaned or vacuumed, which means that if anything is disturbed large amounts of dust are released into the air. Read our article about “Cleaning Tips To Reduce Dust In Your Home” to find ways to target dust in these hidden places.

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