We are a small business. We are a Corporation. We are a service company.  We are a helping hand. We are a stress reliever. We are a family company.  We are here for you.

We were started in 2011 because my father could never remember to replace our air filters.  We know the struggle of having to balance a hundred things in your life and replacing your air filters is pretty low on the list of priorities.  Our core is knowing that everyone (including us) wants to be healthy and care for their home, but that life gets in the way too often. Our mission is to relieve your mind by taking on the responsibility of remembering the type and frequency of you air filters, to insure that the air you breath is clear and healthy, and to save you money by having competitive prices.  We know your struggle, and we are passionate about helping you.

This company is personal to our family; right now we run out of our large garage in Tomball, TX, but hope to expand to a warehouse soon.  We have BIG plans and are excited to share it with you!

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