Our Beginning

The Problem

The idea began in the late 2000s when my dad realized that it had been almost a year since we had replaced our HVAC air filters.  He put it on his to-do list, but about a month went by before he remembered and got over to the hardware store. When he got there, he read the sticky note where he had written down the size and bought the right filter.  When he got home he realized that he had gotten a 16x25x1, instead of the needed 16x24x1. By that time he was needed elsewhere and vowed to return to the hardware store the next day for the correct size. Of course, he forgot.  

My mom took it upon herself to buy the filter but also bought the wrong size. By the time we got the right size filter, it had been a year since the filter had been changed. And the cycle continued. Almost a year later we remembered our filter and repeated the process of forgetting, remembering, getting the wrong size, and trying again in two weeks.  

More Problems

My dad has always been an entrepreneur; he and my mom started a small business the year they were married but got steamrolled by the internet.  They tried several other ideas, but eventually, he settled down in a desk job. He took the bus to work, sat in a cubicle for 8 hours, came home, and started over the next day for nearly 5 years.  He was going stir-crazy.  

The Big Idea

In 2011 he launched this idea of a subscription air filter company and took off.  Our beginning was definitely shaky as we navigated through web design, marketing strategies, discouraging down-turns, and several major life changes.  We started out of our two car garage with bikes, and tools competing for space.  We have now upgraded to a three-car garage with less competition for space, but are getting tighter as our company grows.  Thankfully, God has blessed us through every discouragement and has brought us through to a stable place. We have big ideas of expanding our inventory width and depth to better serve people just like us.  


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