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We take pride in knowing we have the best air filters.  Our filters are made in America, and we want to stay that way.  We believe in providing jobs for people in the U.S. and are proud to part of that process.  We do not manufacture our own filters but have two manufacturers that are based in Texas.

Why MERV 8?

You may be wondering why we only carry MERV 8 filters.  Our plan is to eventually expand our products, but we had an intentional reason why we choose MERV 8 to begin with.  MERV 8 gives the optimal amount of filtration without putting too much strain on your HVAC system. It is able to filter out pollen, dust, mold, spores, pet dander, human sneezes, fiberglass insulation, and dust mites without forcing your HVAC system to work too hard.  

The most common MERV rating above MERV 8 is MERV 11, which is also able to filter out the Legionella bacteria, and smaller dust particles. The problem with MERV 11 is that it puts extra strain on your HVAC system because the system has to work harder to pull the air through the filter.  This causes higher electricity bills. If the MERV rating is raised to MERV 13 or higher this will put significant strain on your HVAC system and might cause a malfunction. MERV 13 or higher can filter out particles like smoke, and bacteria; these MERV levels are used in hospitals.  

If the MERV rating is lowered below MERV 8 to a MERV 6, only larger particles can be filtered out. Mold, spores, and small dust particles can’t be filtered out by MERV 6.  Even though MERV 6 doesn’t put extra strain on your HVAC system, it can’t filter out as much dust and pollution.

Future Plans

We plan on expanding our inventory to include these other MERV ratings, but until then we want to offer you the best option for residential air filters.  

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